Features of hearing aids

Number of Frequency Channels

The number of channels available for programming differs among hearing aids. With more channels, hearing aids can be programmed to more accurately fit your hearing loss

Directional Microphones

One of the most difficult listening situations for individuals with hearing loss is understanding conversation in noisy environments. The most effective way of minimizing the negative effects of surrounding noise is to have two microphones on each hearing aid.
Some hearing aids have microphone settings that change between omni-directional and directional. Omni-directional microphones pick up sounds coming from all around. Directional microphones pick up sounds from front listening direction. In noisy listening situations a directional microphone can reduce the loudness of sounds and noise  coming from behind

Digital Feedback Reduction

Acoustic feedback in hearing aids is the high-pitched whistling sound that you may have heard from some older hearing aids.
Most digital hearing aids have a feedback manager that reduces feedback.

Multiple Memories

Multiple programs or memories can be stored in hearing aids and accessed using a push button or through a remote control. These programs optimize the hearing aids for different listening environments.

Data Logging

Many hearing aids internally record the number of hours the hearing aids are worn, which programs are being used, how often and how much the volume is increased or decreased.

Automatic telephone response

An automatic telephone program is available in some instruments. It automatically perceives the presence of the electromagnetic signal from a hearing aid compatible phone and switches the hearing aid to either an acoustic telephone or tele-coil program.

Wireless and Bluetooth Connectivity

This technology uses a Bluetooth or wireless streaming device  to receive sound from Bluetooth transmitters and send the sound to the hearing aids. For example, the streaming device will pick up the Bluetooth signal from a cell phone and directly transmit the signal to your hearing aids. Wireless devices are also available to stream other audio signals directly to the hearing aids, like the audio signal from a television or MP3 player.

Water Resistant

These hearing aids are water, sweat, moisture and dust resistant.

Tinnitus Maskers

The sound generators are used to produce various sounds that can help reduce the perceived loudness of tinnitus (ear or head noise). This feature is relatively new and for more detailed information please : email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The audiologist at Dandekar Hearing Services will help analyze your listening needs and help you evaluate which features are appropriate for your listening environments and needs.

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