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The ever-growing noise pollution in India, today has made Indians more prone to hearing loss and impairment. Not just this, but there are various chromosomal abnormalities or genetic disorders which can also lead to hearing impairment. That means you can’t hear for life? Absolutely not, because in situations like these, hearing aids come to your rescue! And if you are looking for a virtuoso audiologist in Pune then DandekarHearing Services should be your ultimate choice.

Celebrating 13 years in the business of advance hearing aids, our inception story has a strong connect with our founder Nilesh Dandekar’s childhood memories. His father worked with a reputed hearing aid manufacturing company, so automatically he was inclined towards this technology. Furthermore, he pursued his Masters in Audiology in Australia and made a vow to come back to India to serve fellow countrymen. He realised that Indians were not satisfied with the concept of hearing aid. Not just this, but they also lacked proper counselling and burdened themselves with social stigma which made them lose faith in hearing aids.

Above all, one of the main reasons of Nilesh Dandekar’s homecoming was to wipe out these misconceptions and bring about a change in this scenario. Thus, his arduous journey which was a perfect blend of his experience and expertise kick-started and eventually he rose to fame as the best hearing consultant in Pune. Today, he has counselled several patients, diagnosed their problems and helped them choose an apt hearing aid.


Our aim is always to give the best to our patients owing to their satisfaction. We are striving hard to bridge in the gaps by creating awareness amongst the masses about hearing impairment. We want to make them aware about the prowess about hearing aids which will help them to become stronger to overcome the social stigma of hearing loss. We want to nullify unrealistic expectations that eventually hold them back from approaching an audiologist in Pune.

Alongside, we are also changing and adapting to the latest technologies. Today, in this digital world, we are amongst the prime who boast of digital hearing aid in Pune and also hearing aids for iPhone. We are also taking a leap by introducing cloud-based applications which will help in serving global users too.

Why Choose Us as Hearing Consultant in Pune?

  • We believe in result-oriented approach and hence we educate our patients so that they’re well aware about the know-hows of hearing aids.
  • We undertake hearing assessment to check whether the patient is in need of a hearing aid or no! Along with this we also assess the severity of hearing loss.
  • We give a choice for our beloved patients to choose their equipment that is customized as per their appearance and ear size.
  • We are extremely adaptive and so our hearing aids are high-tech and have integration with your mobile devices be it android or iPhones.
  • We believe in personalized touch and hence we are top-notch in follow-ups. We keep a track of the experiences of the patients and make changes accordingly and also monitor them.


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