Hearing aids have definitely come a long way. Earlier the hearing aids were large, bulky and would amplify all the sounds that played around. But now, the new hearing aid technology of 2019 is classy, elegant and customized as per your need. Moreover, these latest advances in hearing aid technology, also cater to common challenges too!

Common Challenges with Hearing Aids

Battery Life

The draining battery is not a favorite among the masses than be it for any device. Similarly, many people face the biggest challenge when it comes to hearing aid – battery life. Though hearing aids are life-changing, draining of batteries due to amplification, weather changes, physical size, is equally daunting. Also, some hearing aids have small batteries and installing them can lead to discouragement for many!

Maintaining an Active Lifestyle

For several hearing aid users – maintaining an active lifestyle can be a difficult task. Most importantly, they are worried about the protection of the hearing aid especially while undertaking activities like hiking, jogging, kayaking, outdoor games, etc. And so, many wearers get dispirited to strike a balance between their active lifestyle and hearing aid.

Controlling the Background Noise

Many users complain that hearing aid are incapable of filtering unwanted noise. For example: if a person with a hearing aid is seated in a cafeteria, he/she is unable to focus on what the fellow companion is saying, because of the immense background noise. And such a scenario leads to dejection from using hearing aid because users are subjected to distraction.

Technical Distance

While watching TV, or when in a classroom, or in a conference hall, distance can curtail hearing ability. Distance primarily causes irregularity in sound, and more the distance, there’s more ambiguity in sound.

Latest Advances in Hearing Aid Technology


Amidst the latest hearing aid trends, the rechargeable hearing aid is gaining immense popularity. As hearing aids boast the ability to connect with various devices, battery drainage is certain. But with best digital hearing aid from brands like Phonak, Resound and Starkey; you get a chance to simplify your lives by parting from disposable batteries. Most importantly, these hearing aids last more than the normal ones and come with a charger. Leave your hearing aid for charging overnight and you are good to go for the next few days depending upon the model that you have chosen.

Bluetooth – Connect to TV and Mobile Phones

Bluetooth has become a great medium to connect to your TV sets and mobile simultaneously. You can stream your favorite music and movie with Bluetooth. Similarly, in new hearing aid trends, Bluetooth plays a quintessential part. With Bluetooth technology, your hearing aids stay connected with your phone thus working as your personal headphones to listen to your favorite playlist! And as the hearing aid is personalized as per your hearing ability, the sound quality is top-notch. However, with best digital hearing aid you can auto-adjust your volume levels as per your surroundings. Also, there are hearing aids that come with a remote control to keep a tab on the levels when required.


Wireless hearing aids are a boon because it adds to a personalized experience. If connected with your mobile’s Bluetooth, they act as your personalized headphones. If you add a TV connector which is integrated with your hearing aid and your television set, then you will enjoy individual volume control. Most importantly, wireless hearing aid suppress the background noise, making the sound quality better and your life simpler! People have a misconception that when in the bustling locality or watching TV, one needs to do a lot of adjustment with hearing aids. But if you have wireless accessories like a microphone, or TV connector then these hurdles are easily wiped out.

Water Resistance with IP68 Rating

The latest advances in hearing aid technology are that they are water resistant as they boast IP68 rating. Best digital hearing aid with this rating withhold dirt, dust and can stay submerged in water in a maximum depth of 1.5m for up to thirty minutes. Water-resistant hearing aid are fruitful for people who lead an active lifestyle or live in an extremely humid surrounding. But the new hearing aid of 2019 are concealed and do not interfere during your physical activity. In fact, there are models that fit inside the ear canals making it perfect for people leading a sporty lifestyle.

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