I had this hearing problem since very long since the time when I was working in an industry where there was heavy noise. Eventually over a period of time with ageing as well my hearing problem worsened and I was facing difficulty in group conversations, unable to enjoy TV and music . In a way I became totally aloof from the society. I even didn’t want to use hearing aids because of their size and even few of my friends said that these hearing aids make lot of noise than what is required.

One fine day I had a visit to DANDEKAR HEARING SERVICES in AKURDI after undergoing the routine checkup I was said about the hearing loss, its probable cause and also the effects in communication.

I was very much astonished to see these little hearing aids which can be placed in the ear but these little hearing aids make real wonders.

Now I am using the hearing aids for past two years, I am really happy listening to the conversations of my family members especially my grandchildren. Now as I have got no difficulty in hearing I very well attend all the parties and social gatherings

I am really thankful the team of DHS for their kindness and hospitality.