Care of hearing aid

An apt solution to hearing loss is hearing aids but if you want to cherish optimum hearing quality then it’s imperative to undertake hearing aid care and maintenance. Without taking care of hearing aids, they will wear off, your investment will go for a toss and hearing loss might affect you mentally and physically.

Tips for Taking Care and Maintenance of Hearing Aids

Use the Right Tools

While dealing with hearing aid problems, you need appropriate tools to combat them. Tools like soft and dry cloth removes moisture and debris, pick and brush remove wax, dehumidifier removes moisture overnight and bulb blower removes the moisture from tubing.

Struggling with Earwax

Building up of earwax is natural, but don’t let it encroach your hearing aid. Brush and pick will eliminate wax, but one amazing hearing aid care tips is to maintain good ear hygiene.

Minimize Moisture

Battling moisture can be a costly affair. Instead why not invest on hearing aid dehumidifier or drying container? Place your hearing aid without batteries in the container, it will dry them out overnight.

Protect from Water

One of the most important hearing aid care guide, is to remove your hearing aid while bathing or washing your face. Moisture grapples particularly if you have a steamer in a bathroom that can hamper your hearing aid.

Make a Daily Cleaning Routine

Try and maintain a daily routine cleaning of your hearing aids. Every morning use picks and brush to remove accumulated wax. Before going to bed, wipe it with dry and soft cloth and remove the batteries and leave its door open overnight. This will extend the shelf life of batteries.

Consult with Professionals

Some issues can be handled only by the experts. So, do not exert much and take help of the professionals to conduct a thorough hearing aid cleaning. You can also get in touch with Dandekar Hearing Services and we will cater to every problem.

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