Features of hearing aids

Along with technology, hearing aids has also witnessed advancement.

Top 8 Hearing Aid Features Explained

Frequency Channel

Having abundant channels in a hearing aid is a good sign as each channel can be custom-made to a specific sound frequency range. Moreover, more channels boost flexibility and helps your audiologist personalize your hearing aid.

Directional Microphone Systems

One classic example of hearing aid technology advances is a directional microphone system that helps in enhancing hearing whilst in background noise. In recent times all hearing aid features directional microphones, but some might perform better in complex situations.

Digital Noise Reduction And Feedback Management

High whistling sound (feedback) was a problem that went hand-to-hand in hearing aids. But with advanced features of hearing aids we can now opt for digital noise reduction along with speech enhancement, noise reduction and feedback management.

Bluetooth or Wireless Compatibility

As hearing aid technology advances, new technologies make way and one of them is Bluetooth or wireless compatibility. Bluetooth technology is quite able because it bypasses the microphone and enters the hearing aid’s processor. Moreover, you can use electronic devices that have Bluetooth compatibility like televisions, mobile phones, MP3 players, etc., to enjoy a worthwhile listening experience.

Water Resistant

If you are a swimmer, athlete, trekker then it’s time to rejoice with latest hearing aids. One of most advanced features of hearing aids is that they are now water resistant and dust proof. So, sweat it out in the gym without worrying about your hearing aids getting drenched!

Tinnitus Maskers

Amongst the hearing aid controls and features, the latest one is Tinnitus Maskers. This system makes use of sound generators that helps to produce varied sounds that reduces the alleged loudness of tinnitus (ear or head noise). Though new, this feature is slowing gaining pace.

Multiple and Automatic Programming

Multiple and automatic programming is one of the advanced features of hearing aids. This feature helps in storing tailor-made programs in hearing aids which can be furthermore accessed by a push button. For example, if you encounter immense noise at workplace then your audiologist may create a program to suit that environment.

Mobile Devices and Entertainment Systems Connectivity

Now making phone calls, having video chats, listening to music is easy because of hearing aid controls and features. You can now connect your mobile devices and enjoy entertainment systems by transforming your hearing aids into a wireless headset.

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