Hearing Aid

The best hearing aid, amplifies sound electronically into your ear. The audiologist evaluates your hearing tests and depending upon the severity and your requirements chooses the best hearing aid for you!

Hearing Aids: Choose the Right Type for You

There are various aids for hearing loss but hearing device has brought about psychological, social, emotional improvements amongst people suffering with hearing loss. Hearing aids can be programmed as per the severity of your hearing loss, facial features and overall environment.

Types of Hearing Aids

Invisible in Canal (IIC)

IIC is an advanced hearing aid that has a unique ear canal shape. This device is completely invisible in most scenarios, flaunts a cosmetic appeal, great sound quality and is technologically advanced.

In the Canal (ITC)

Easy-to-handle, the technology levels of ITC can be customised along with colour that comes in light brown, medium brown, chestnut and dark brown skin tone. It also has add-on features like volume control, dual microphones, etc.

In The Ear (ITE)

In ITE, volume levels and memory can be easily adjusted in this hearing aid machine. With wireless connectivity, ITE boasts of a longer battery life.

Receiver in Canal (RIC)

RIC is comfortable, an open fit and have ear tips that are either soft or hard. RIC’s attractive design makes it hardly visible and is suitable for people suffering with high frequency sloping hearing loss. Available in regular and power gain, RIC can be customised as per hair and skin colour.

BTE (Behind The Ear)

BTE has an electronic circuit that resides in a case fitted behind the ear wherein tubing and a custom-made ear mould directs the sound to the ear canal. With subtle design, BTE is partnered with customised soft/hard ear moulds along with strong amplifier and larger battery.

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Though there are different types of hearing aid, not every price of a hearing aid is the same. Amidst this, the most important aspect is the follow-ups and evaluation. We at Dandekar Hearing Services – pioneers of hearing loss treatment, Pune evaluate your hearing loss, amplification needed and suggest fittings as per your hearing. The first follow-up is undertaken in a month’s time wherein we check volume levels, which is followed by a second follow-up after 6 months wherein we conduct quality checks of feedback. We make sure to conduct an audiometry test every year because programming and fine tuning are immensely important. We believe in utmost preventive services and thus the follow-ups bear no charges. If you are once with us, then you are always with us. So, to avail amazing services for digital ear machine get in touch on 020 25536033, +91 98229 44444 or drop an email to nilesh@dandekarhearing.com.

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